Trish & Terry’s Surprise 70th – 12th August 2017

Trish and Terry both turned 70 within a couple of weeks of each other and their lovely family decided to surprise them with a celebration in their honour. The fantastic part about this is that they had absolutely no idea that it was coming!

It was a Saturday afternoon, and they thought they were on the way to Lake Broadwater to meet a group of highschool students to teach them some traditional waltz dancing ahead of the upcoming Debutante ball. Their grandson was to be partnering a Debutante in the coming weeks so Trish and Terry were asked to come and pass on some of their dancing skills to their grandson’s fellow friends who would also be attending the upcoming ball.


What Trish and Terry saw when they opened the doors to the hall was not the group of high school teenagers they were expecting…. it was 80 of their closest family and friends who had gathered to help them celebrate. There were family members who had travelled from all over Australia, including Trish’s Aunt who had travelled from interstate. It was clear to see how special this couple were to so many people.

With all the extended family together it was a great time to capture some memories to mark the occasion. Everyone looked so lovely, naturally happy and excited to be there. The surprise had worked a treat and I think it took a little while to sink in for the birthday couple.

Trish and Terry’s birthday celebration was a wonderful night ahead and included a lovely meal, gorgeous cake, a slideshow tribute of photos from the years which had been put together by their family, heartfelt speeches from their children and children in law and of course lots of dancing! They were able to pass on their dancing skills to their grandchildren and everyone there had a great time in their honour.

Trish and Terry are such an admirable couple and I hope my husband looks at me the same way Terry looks at Trish in the years to come... so much love! They are a perfect example of a great team and have such a connected, loving family as a result. There was so much happiness, pride and warmth coming from this celebration and it was an absolute honour to be asked to capture it.

It is one thing to have a photography skill but you also have a skill of making your clients feel at ease... it’s called personality. Not sure one would work without the other xx
— Toni Luck